Stanbio Laboratory

Accuracy and Precision Assured with hCG Bi-Level Urine Controls
July 27, 2001
BOERNE, TEXAS – As part of its strong reputation as the single-source provider for a laboratory's every pregnancy testing need, Stanbio Laboratory offers hCG Bi-Level Urine Controls for use with qualitative urine hCG pregnancy procedures. These ready-to-use liquid controls are assayed along with actual specimens to help laboratories evaluate whether a given procedure is performing with acceptable accuracy and precision.

Stanbio's hCG Bi-Level Urine Control Set contains one positive and one negative control (no detectable hCG) prepared in human urine with added preservatives and stabilizers. The hCG Bi-Level Urine Controls are quantitated by an EIA hCG assay and tested against each of Stanbio's hCG immunoassay products. The controls are packaged as ready-to-use liquids and can be stored at room temperature. Stanbio also produces hCG Tri-Level Serum controls for evaluation of pregnancy testing using serum specimens.

Stanbio, the single-source provider for a laboratory's every pregnancy need, offers a complete pregnancy line including QuPID® Plus E.R. which features increased sensitivity to help medical teams quickly determine the pregnancy status of trauma patients. QuPID® is an easy-to-use urine test and QuPID Plus® is used for both urine and serum testing. The economical QuSTICK™ and QuSTICK™ Plus kits are perfect for routine pregnancy screenings, and use less material and packaging which translates into savings for laboratories. The Quicktell and Fertitell kits are latex slide tests that use monoclonal antibodies to detect the presence or absence of high levels of hCG in patient samples.

Since it’s founding in 1960, Stanbio has provided laboratories with high-quality, clinical diagnostic reagents, clinical instruments, and a wide variety of diagnostic products, which include pregnancy, serology, urinalysis, and microbiology assays. Stanbio also offers OEM and private labeling capabilities. Currently, Stanbio distributes products in nearly 70 countries worldwide.

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